May 18, 2015

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Goodbye Bad Breath

mint breath

Some foods are obviously not for dates or important business luncheons. Who wants to struggle in a skirmish with a plate of spaghetti or risk a tummy-burbling bowl of firey chili beans? But there are quieter sneaker hazards. Even seemingly safe salads can be loaded with tiny toxic bits of spice, garlic, and onion. That’s when you need a smelly food quick-fix.

Lemons, cinnamon sticks, parsley, mint sprigs, and other green garnishes are great emergency deodorizers, but their effects won’t last, especially if your bad breath is chronic.

Brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue can help fight bad breath…but go the extra distance! Dentistry can help you with effective treatment plus brushes, toothpastes, tongue scrapers, antibacterial agents, and mouthrinses designed to vanquish your bad breath – at home, work, and play!

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